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Inspired by the Nishika N8000, 140mm is an iOS app that creates animated wigglegrams. Wigglegrams are stereoscopic (3D) images that leverage parallax to represent a 3D scene on a 2D screen.

Creating good content should be easy, and creating great content should be accessible. With an advanced AI to aide in editing, you can go from shot to sharing in a matter of seconds.

140mm includes a powerful editor that provides unparalleled control during the editing process. It provides easy to use default controls for on-the-go content creation, and advanced editing techniques to get the shot just right. It also comes preloaded with 1-click sharing options to many of the top social media sites, making it easier than ever to share your content.

Whatever your workflow, 140mm makes it easy to always get a good end result.

How it works

140mm starts by capturing multiple frames of a semi-static scene. This is done by intelligently spacing out captures to create equally spaced exposures.

A user then selects a focus point in image (2D) space. This is the focal point for the parallax effect. A good focal point will have a lot of texture, and is generally high contrast. A good test for selecting a focus point is asking yourself the following: “If someone gave me a small rectangle centered around this point, would I be able to identify where it came from in the image?”

Then, 140mm intelligently finds the focus point in image (2D) space across all of the subsequent frames. Given sufficient motion of the camera between frames, the focus point will change in 2D space.

Finally, 140mm stitches these images together to create a parallax effect. This is done by moving the frames in 2D space such that the focus points line up.